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Theory & Philosophy Reading Group: Marx’s Critique of Hegel

For November’s Theory & Philosophy Reading Group, we’re going to return to Karl Marx – this time looking at this critique of Hegel.

Friday November 22
Free and open to everyone

From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:
This work is home to Marx’s notorious remark that religion is the ‘opiate of the people’, a harmful, illusion-generating painkiller, and it is here that Marx sets out his account of religion in most detail. Just as importantly Marx here also considers the question of how revolution might be achieved in Germany, and sets out the role of the proletariat in bringing about the emancipation of society as a whole.

No prior knowledge of Marx or philosophy required to attend and participate in the discussion.

Reading available for free here:

A Fiction Writer’s Workshop – with award winning author Dietrich Kalteis

A Fiction Writer’s Workshop
with award winning author Dietrich Kalteis

Wednesday October 23 and Thursday, October 24
4:00 – 5:30 PM
559 Tyler Street, Monterey
Reserve a seat: 831 333-0383

A two-day workshop for anyone interested in writing fiction, touching on aspects of the craft that will help guide new writers on the path to becoming published.

Dietrich Kalteis is the award-winning author of Ride the Lightning (bronze medal, 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards, for best
regional fiction), The Deadbeat Club, Triggerfish, House of Blazes (silver medal, 2017 IPPY, for best historical fiction), Zero Avenue,
Poughkeepsie Shuffle and his newly released Call Down the Thunder. He lives with his family on Canada’s west coast. Learn more about him and his writing at


• What you need to get started
• What makes a good writer? Is there a formula for a best seller?
• The inciting incident, a strong beginning
• Outline and structure
• Cinematic scenes, suspenseful narrative, sharp dialogue
• Voice, pace, flow, style
• Experiment with short stories or dive right into a novel
• Description – economy of words vs pace
• Build your characters
• Where’s it all going? Plotting and sub-plotting


• Research
• How many drafts?
• Editing and proofing – repetition, unnecessary description
• Killing your darlings and story flow
• Word Count – Quality vs quantity
• Wrapping it up, knowing when its time to write The End
• Beta readers, professional editors, copy editors – when to submit
• Where to submit – agent or no agent, getting it out there
• Self-publishing vs traditional publishing
• Conferences, writers’ festivals


Step Lightly: with author and pro-ballet dancer Kendall Klym

In his debut collection, STEP LIGHTLY, author Kendall Klym expands the definition of dance through the stories of characters who run the gamut from the ghost of a famous ballerina to a humble piano teacher tormented by honeybees. A former professional ballet dancer who has won numerous awards for his fiction writing, Klym skillfully uses words to illuminate dance as a form of communication and means of connection, reflected in the complex dynamics and continuous movements of work, relationships, and life.

Come join us at Old Capitol Books to hear about his experiences in the world of professional ballet!

Sunday 4 August 2019
Old Capitol Books, downtown Monterey Continue reading Step Lightly: with author and pro-ballet dancer Kendall Klym