Selling Your Books to Us


  • Sci Fi
  • Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
  • Literature
  • Local History
  • Military History
  • Philosophy (Western / Eastern)
  • Occult / Metaphysical / Theology
  • Esoteric
*We pay 10% of the book’s resale price, or twice that amount in store credit.
Old Capitol Books is always looking to supplement the inventory with new arrivals, and the bulk of our inventory consists of what we have purchased from book-loving individuals like you.

How do I sell my used books?

Old Capitol Books is always interested in buying used books, BUT WE WANT YOU TO BRING YOUR BOOKS ON THE DESIGNATED DAYS WHEN THE BUYER IS AVAILABLE (OR BY APPOINTMENT). It takes ten minutes to one hour to go through a box of books depending on how many interruptions there are. Just bring in the books you’re interested in selling. It may be the case that you will have to leave your books overnight so please leave us with your contact information (name and phone number). If we are unable to review the books while you wait you will be called with our offer within a day or two (likely two days if you bring the book on a Saturday as the buyer is usually not working on Sunday). We make house calls in the case of large libraries (roughly 500+ books, or the equivalent of 15 boxes OR MORE).

Because we try not to carry more than one or two copies of any book at a time, we cannot promise that we will purchase your books, but if we are, we will be willing to pay .40 cents for paperback pocketbooks, $0.75 to $1.00 in cash for softbacks, 10% in cash of cover price for hardbacks, or 25% of cover price for the aforementioned for in store credit.  For some books we may be willing to pay more because of the books particular subject, quality and condition, but it is up to the discretion of the buyer, and only the store owner, Matthew Sundt, has the authority to review and buy books.

What sorts of books are we looking for?

We sell books on a wide variety of topics, fiction and nonfiction, from paperbacks to signed first edition hardbacks and antiquarian books.  If you have a book or a set of books that you think will interest us, feel free to bring it by!  There are some subjects that we are more likely to purchase than others – specifically LOCAL INTEREST (old magazines such as ‘Game and Gossip’), poetry, philosophy, literature by mid-century authors, or local interest-but we are always open to interesting, quality books of any topic.  We only accept books that are in ‘Very Good’ condition or better – i.e., VG, Fine, As New, and New.  No cracked or shaken spines.  No torn, falling out, or missing pages.  No cover damage.  No underlining, highlighting, random marks, or notes, though we will accept books with dedications on the first or last pages, or books that have been signed by the author, publisher, or illustrator.  We seldomly purchase textbooks, library books, or encyclopedias.  Academic books on esoteric engineering in Very Good or better condition are welcome.

Does Old Capitol Books Do appraisals?

We do Appraisals!!   Do you want appraisals for insurance purposes?  Do you want an appraisal for purposes of selling your books?  Are you going to estimate value for an estate or trust?  Old Capitol Books will estimate value using internet sources (not Amazon!  Hell No!).  Among other sources of information, we will review other dealer’s prices as presented on the internet and will use their and our catalogues (yes, book dealers still distribute catalogues).

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