*Upcoming Events*

The new store is much smaller, so capacity for events is limited. There may still be tickets available on the day of events, but we are now going to be offering pre-sale tickets as well. Ticketed events will be noted below.


Poetry Writing Workshop – Hosted by the Boukra Collective
Sunday 2 January, 7pm-9pm

Poetry writing workshop for all levels. $10 suggested donation.

Back Lot Poetry: a monthly poetry open mic
Friday 7 January, 9pm

We’re hanging out in parking lots and reading poetry again. Dress for the cold winter night. Free and unticketed.

Anarchist Reading Group: The split between Marxism and Anarchism
Coming February 2022

At the end of our last session, we got curious about the history between the split between anarchists and communists in the nineteenth century. So, our next reading group is going to explore that schism with one essay by Bakunin and one recent essay outlining the history by Wayne Price. Reading not required to attend, learn, and participate, but all texts are available for free on the website.

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