Theory & Philosophy Reading Group

Local philosopher, Robert Kuhry

Our last philosophy reading group was on Kierkegaard and the concept of anxiety as stemming from original sin. In a post-Christian world, we are seeking new concepts to help us understand suffering. In this next session, facilitated by local philosopher Robert Kuhry, we will be looking at the issue of war as a social pathology.

Date: Friday 19 November, 7pm

Location: Old Capitol Books, 482 Alvarado St., above Twisted Roots

Some readings to get us started:

These reading groups are designed to take theory and philosophy out of the ivory tower and bring these conversations back into the community. Readings are posted for free on the Old Capitol Books website, and in the comments below. No prior knowledge of theory and philosophy is required, and we believe that everyone can contribute to these important conversations.

Event is free and open to everyone.

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