For Authors and Publishers

We are not currently hosting events for individual authors and book signings. However, we are organizing a twice-yearly Lit Expo to feature local writing, in Summer and in Winter. If you would like to be included in our next Lit Expo, send an email to the address below.

We would LOVE to host your event! Old Capitol Books supplies a free venue to support local authors, illustrators, musicians, and publishers.

Get in touch to discuss what we can do as your local, independent bookstore to get you started!

What we offer

We have a lovely bookstore with a few great spaces to host your book signing or other literary event.

Round table (great for discussion groups and workshops):
We have a table and seating area with up to 16 chairs (with an additional 10 stools), which makes for a great intimate space for your event.

Lectures, readings, and music performances:
We have a podium and can provide seating for up to 25 people for your reading, musical performance, or lecture.

We also have a cool little back alley which is great for poetry readings and live music!

What we provide:

  • A nice, free, and well-lit space for your event
  • Processing of all sales
  • Free advertisement on our website, our social media, and our newsletter
  • We send a press release to all local print publications at the beginning of each month (Monterey County Weekly, Monterey Herald, etc.)

Things to consider

  • We provide our venue for no charge during store opening hours. If you’d like to have your event after hours, there will be a charge to cover overhead costs – $20 per hour.
  • Any sales as a result of your book signing must go through the bookstore, which will take 30% of sales.
  • Old Capitol Books DOES NOT purchase copies of your book in advance of the event. Authors are responsible for bringing copies of their book on the day of the book signing. If the event is successful, the store will purchase books for our shelves.
  • Old Capitol Books DOES NOT purchase advertisements in local newspapers and magazines. Any desired publicity beyond our own social media must be arranged by the author or her publisher.
  • Old Capitol Books does not have an alcohol license. All shows will have a no alcohol policy. (Unless booked as a private event)
  • We strive to create an anti-racist/LGBTQ friendly space (homophobic, sexist, or racist content will not be tolerated from performers or attendees).
  • Ticket sales/donations at the door will be split between the bookstore and the performers, with the bookstore taking half and the other half distributed among performing acts.

tl;dr: no booze, no shitty stuff, we’ll give you some money**

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