Burn, a multimedia literary performance

Burn, a Dialogue with a Demon Priest, encapsulates the essence of Janice’s book, ‘Resurrections in the Dark’, and is a commemoration of its launch. Burn speaks to such topical issues as gender inequality, addiction, single parenthood, and domestic violence, beckoning themes such as forgiveness, self-discovery, healing, and connection.

Jess Juarez plays the priest.
Soundscape by Mortecai (Jeddy Grant)
Lights by Nelson Basden
Photo by Ernesto Altimirano

* contains mature subject matter and partial nudity.

After a short intermission, No Existo will perform her transcendent music nd Janice will read a short excerpt from her book.

$10-$20 notaflof

Janice Rocke is the creative director of Erotic Eclectic a performance art collective who explore sensitive topics in unique, sometimes unorthodox, and always roundabout ways. Erotic Eclectic is interested in nuance, nonlinear storytelling, and the incorporation of disparate ideas and elements.

Jess Juarez has performed in various roles on stage at MPC, Paper Wing, The Outdoor Forest Theatre, The Carl Cherry Theatre, and The Henry Miller Library.

Monique Rose (No Existo) is a local artist who works with multiple mediums of self-expression including music, painting, acting, and poetry. She received her MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College and studies art and dance at MPC. She continuously strives to refine herself as a person and an artist, sifting through material of every day life for possible avenues into the sublime.

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