Book signing: Jack Erickson

UntitledMay 30th, 5pm:  Jack Erickson will be in Old Capitol Books to sign copies of his new novel, Thirteen Days in Milan, a book about a cell of terrorists with connections to the Red Brigades who take an American woman hostage during a political assassination at Milan’s Stazione Centrale.

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“In 1978, Red Brigade terrorists kidnapped and murdered former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. For 54 days, the international media reported gripping details about the Moro kidnapping, the political debate about negotiating a prisoner exchange, the Vatican appeals for Moro’s safety, and the widespread fear that the government of Italy was near collapse. 


Thirteen Days in Milan is contemporary, dealing with the 2011 Italian crises when political scandals were embroiling Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and European political leaders were struggling to prevent the collapse of the European Union.”

imgAbout the author:

Jack Erickson is the author of international thrillers, mysteries, novels, short stories, and true crime.  He lives in northern California with his wife.

Visit his website here.


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