Interview with poet Kenny Garcia, on New York, writing, and visiting Palestine

Kenny Garcia (Boukra Press, CSU Monterey Bay) & Stephanie Spoto (Old Capitol Books)

Kenny Garcia
“Letter to Langston” by Kenny Garcia

Spoto: In what way do you think poetry is different than prose? Why are you writing this in poetic form rather than as an essay, a short story, or a letter?Continue reading “Interview with poet Kenny Garcia, on New York, writing, and visiting Palestine”


Interview with featured artist and visual poet, Clairette Durand-Gasselin

Interview: Claire Durand-Gasselin (Mad Gleam Press) & Stephanie Spoto (Old Capitol Books)

Spoto: Maybe we can look at some of your books of art.

Durand-Gasselin: Sure, I have my sketch books, and my accordion books. But in terms of presentable things there isn’t much.

Spoto: What are these books that I’m looking at? What are they as book?Continue reading “Interview with featured artist and visual poet, Clairette Durand-Gasselin”

Theory and Philosophy Reading Group: Deleuze and Guattari’s Thousand Plateaus

So the reading group is back! And we decided we were feeling masochistic, so we’ve decided to start with Deleuze and Guattari’s Thousand Plateaus.

Theory and Philosophy Reading Group: Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus
Friday August 20th, 2021 – 7pm
Old Capitol Books, Downtown Monterey

A Thousand Plateaus continues the work Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari began in Anti-Oedipus and has now become established as one of the classic studies of the development of critical theory in the late twentieth century. It occupies an important place at the center of the debate reassessing the works of Freud and Marx, advancing an approach that is neither Freudian nor Marxist but which learns from both to find an entirely new and radical path. It presents an attempt to pioneer a variety of social and psychological analyses free of the philosophical encumbrances criticized by postmodern writers. A Thousand Plateaus is an essential text for feminists, literary theorists, social scientists, philosophers, and others interested in the problems of contemporary Western culture.”

Thousand Plateaus, back cover

Old Capitol Books 2020 Featured Artists

Old Capitol Books is partnering with local artists to bring you beautiful, fun, and unique art during the shelter-in-place.

The Books and Art Care Package is specially curated to your individual tastes, and will include art from local artists! A great way to support our local art community and your local bookstore.

Order Here

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Close to Home Productions – Bringing Literature and Arts to your Living Room

Old Capitol Books is collaborating with Close to Home Collective, which is working to bring literature and arts into your living room to help lower the number of people seeking entertainment out of their homes during the pandemic. (Seriously folks, stay inside.)Continue reading “Close to Home Productions – Bringing Literature and Arts to your Living Room”