Anarchist Reading Group

Friday 2 December 2022, 7pm.

For the next reading group we’ll be reading anarchist perspectives on the Russian-Ukrainian War.
Readings are available here:

About the reading group

The Anarchist Reading Group aims to introduce anarchist ideas and then eventually to deepen our knowledge of anarchist theory and history. You do not have to be an anarchist to attend! Anyone is welcome to attend who is interested and has a genuine curiosity about radical political theory. All readings will always be available for free online, but reading  before the reading group is not required to attend and participate. Free and open to everyone.

Previous anarchist reading groups:

November 2022: Reading from the Zapatistas

October 2022: Spanish Civil War

September 2022: Queering Anarchism

August 2022: Indigenous Anarchism

May 2022: Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology, David Graeber

April 2022: Zoe Baker: Means and Ends: an anarchist critique of seizing state power

March 2022: Black as Resistance

February 2022: The Split between Anarchism and Marxism at the First International

November 2021: Three classic essays

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