Thinking Critically about Society Summer 2016 Series

Hey there you lovers of social theory and philosophy – Old Capitol Books is teaming up again with the Direct Action Monterey Network to bring a series of seminars on critical and political theory to downtown Monterey. This summer’s seminars are facilitated by a collection of artists, professors, and students who live and work onContinue reading “Thinking Critically about Society Summer 2016 Series”

Theory & Philosophy Reading Group: Anarchist Critiques of Democracy

What is democracy, precisely? Will it ever deliver on what it promises? How significant is the difference between state democracy and direct democracy? Is anarchism a kind of direct democracy, or something else entirely? And how do democratic discourse and procedures serve the social movements that adopt them? Next reading group will be 19 JulyContinue reading “Theory & Philosophy Reading Group: Anarchist Critiques of Democracy”

Thinking Critically about Society Spring Seminar Series Announced!

Old Capitol Books is excited to announce that our Thinking Critically about Society Series is back on for this March: Black Feminism, March 4th, 7pm (facilitated by Dr. Sriya Shrestha, HCOM Faculty) Situationalism, March 11th, 7pm (facilitated by Ben Wilson, CSUMB Alumni) Post-Colonial Theory, March 18th, 7pm (facilitated by Dr. Sriya Shrestha, HCOM Faculty) SocialContinue reading “Thinking Critically about Society Spring Seminar Series Announced!”

Theory & Philosophy Reading Group XIII: Antonio Negri

Wednesday September 23rd 2015, 7pm: Our Theory & Philosophy reading groups with the Direct Action Monterey Network have been a great success for over a year, and we’re coming up on our thirteenth iteration with the works of Marxist theorist, Antonio Negri. We’re super excited to continue our readings highlighting theorists, thinkers, and philosophers whoContinue reading “Theory & Philosophy Reading Group XIII: Antonio Negri”

Thinking Critically about Society Summer 2015!

Hey there critical thinkers! Old Capitol Books, the Direct Action Monterey Network, and the Monterey Community Education Project work together to bring you exciting seminars series on social theory four times a year – and we’ve just announced our Summer seminars! Queer Theory, Reading Marx, Psychedelics and Society, and Intellectual Property & CopyLeft! Wow!