Featured Book #4: Le Morte D’Arthur (Dorset Press)

We have recently got our happy hands on a beautiful edition of Le Morte D’Arthur by Thomas Malory, a retelling of the story of King Arthur’s court, the knights of Camelot, and the love affair between Guinevere and Lancelot originally published in 1485. Ours in a stunning facsimile of the 1909 illustrated edition, with illustrationsContinue reading “Featured Book #4: Le Morte D’Arthur (Dorset Press)”

The Monterey Bay Poetry Consortium presents Kim Ly Bui-Burton & Dan Baldwin

The Monterey Bay Poetry Consortium Presents: Kim Ly Bui-Burton & Dan Baldwin Sunday, November 12, 2:00 p.m. $5.00 Admission Old Capitol Books 559 Tyler Street, Monterey (between Pearl and Munras) Kim Ly Bui-Burton is a Vietnamese-American poet who has lived on the Peninsula since the 60s. Kim graduated from UCSC with a degree in Literature/CreativeContinue reading “The Monterey Bay Poetry Consortium presents Kim Ly Bui-Burton & Dan Baldwin”

Thinking Critically about Society Fall 2017 Series announced!

November 2017: It’s that time again! Old Capitol Books, the Direct Action Monterey Network, and the Monterey Community Education Project are teaming up to bring you a series of free seminars and discussions on critical thinking and social theory. This November we’re having three seminars: Marxist-Feminism, Post-Colonial Theory, and Learning from the Paris Commune. TheseContinue reading “Thinking Critically about Society Fall 2017 Series announced!”

Theory & Philosophy XXX: Mikhail Bakunin

New date: Friday 27 October 2017, 7pm: Old Capitol Books and the Direct Action Monterey Network are coming together for the thirtieth discussion in the Theory and Philosophy Reading Group. This is a mini-series within the broader project which explores anarchist theories of the state.