Theory & Philosophy 32: Friendship as a Form of Life

tumblr_mkax74oewe1rz0ud3o1_r1_250“We face each other without terms or convenient words, with nothing to assure us about the meaning of the movement that carries us toward each other. We have to invent, from A to Z, a relationship that is still formless, which is friendship.”

The Direct Action Monterey Network and Old Capitol Books are coming together for the thirty-second Theory and Philosophy Reading Group, starting out the year in conversation about the radical potential of friendship.

When: 19 January 2018, 7pm
Where: Old Capitol Books, 559 Tyler Street, downtown Monterey

lets communize an idea:
friendship as a form of life.

When its use is common we can communicate,
conversations occur and perhaps, if this pleases us,
we will find each other; we will become powerful.

If we succeed, all of this will become evident.
The evident is what is held in common,
or what sets apart.

It is here that we begin.

This reading will consist of a collection of short essays by Foucault, Agamben, Deleuze, Cixous, Bonanno and others.

The reading is available for free here.



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