‘Species’ Magazine poets and writers to read at Old Capitol Books

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Saturday 6 January 2018, 4-6pm: Species magazine poets and writers will appear at Old Capitol Books this coming reading to read their stories, poems, and other writings. This Species reading will feature Joe Donohoe, Zen priest Ed Bowers, and Nicole Henares (Aurelia Lorca).

Joe Donohoe has been doing independent publishing in San Francisco for 30 years. A former punk rock DJ and cab driver he is now a nurse case manager masochistically dedicated to producing Speciousspecies Magazine almost every year. Species is an anthology of cultural journalism anchored on interviews with seminal counter culture types from the late Spain Rodriguez to Elaine Pagels with thematic articles. Species #8 is all about Islands and Apocalypses.
Ed Bowers

Ed Bowers is a Zen priest and former security guard and poet of the austere school. If resiliency matters then Ed is the poet laureate of the Tenderloin.

Nicole Henares (Aurelia Lorca) began writing as a violinist/lyricist in a punk rock cover band called Unfortunate Mustaches with the legendary Roxi Christmas, but was promptly kicked out upon having laser electrolysis. She then worked part time as a secretary for the Evil Dark Overlord of The Zen Baby Federation, but was eventually let go because she just couldn’t wield a staple gun that quickly.
This event is free and open to everyone.

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