Naughty Mouse – an evening of Slam Poetry and Pulp Non-Fiction

Old Capitol Books is pleased to welcome Jordan Bubin, slam poet and teacher based in Pheonix for an evening of slam poetry and pulp non-fiction in our gritty back alley.

What: Naughty Mouse – an evening of Slam Poetry and Pulp Non-Fiction (with musical artist DMARI!)
Where: Old Capitol Books, 559 Tyler Street, downtown Monterey
When: 23 June 2018, 7pm

el_paso_show_b4The Naughty Mouse EP has nine slam poems, with illustrations from Graham Sisk, and Jeff Otto. It links the beauty of children’s dreams, with the pain Skywalker felt when he found his family blown to smithereens, and the bells built into our personal pleasure machines. “Fine White Powders” Sugar is a fine white powder, like cocaine or heroin, but its dealers have been around for so long that they went legitimate. Mexican cartels have narcocorridos, but the sugar dealers have national anthems. My show blends slams from the Naughty Mouse EP with storytelling bits from the history of fine white powders into a presentation that will ensure you never look at dessert the same way again.

Jordan Bubin is a slam poet and teacher based in Phoenix. He hops on microphones as Naughty Mouse to educate, and entertain, and he has floored audiences from Los Angeles to Boston. A graduate of both Princeton, and USC Law, he never let schooling get in the way of his education, and his passion is making knowledge accessible and exciting to everyone.

35301200_10217068328644933_933679040647135232_nDMARI, the solo project of Deanna Lynn, will open the show with original music, accompanied by Simon Stewart on guitar. Check her out on Instagram.

The next day, come back to hear Jordan Bubin in “The Opium Wars”!

4-5:30pm, Sunday 24 July



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