Nepotism III: poetry and our own inflated egos

Old Capitol Books invites you to NEPOTISM 3! A Night of Poetry. We’ll close up the shop, turn down the lights and bring together some of California’s “best” poets. Their work is amazing. They are my friends. I am not biased at all. Really.

Friday 10 May, 7pm, $10 NOTAFLOF

Featured readings by
Rachelle Escamilla
Heather Flescher
Davis Mendez
Kraig Bellows
Jeffrey Erwin

So, you’re a good poet? You have something worthwhile to say? Your work speaks to the present condition of social alienation? Love under capitalism? The eroticism of death? How sweet. How cute. How quaint. Doesn’t really matter does it? I know the editor of that journal. They’ll publish you. They owe me a favor.

“Were it not for Ezra Pound pulling strings, TS Eliot’s career would never have got airborne. That’s how ‘schools’ of poetry get started – cronyism. The poetry contestants want a level playing field? Try football. The chances of making it into the premier league are probably better.” – John Sutherland

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