Book signing with writer and philosopher, Robert Kuhry

Saturday 19 August 2017, 4pm: author and philosopher, Robert Kuhry, will be at Old Capitol Books discussing his latest work, High Tech is Not the Future.

20134541_1525850320792266_1401005608_nThis new book of essays follows on from Kuhry’s Authenticity: the Being of the Self, the World, and the Other, which confronts the anxiety of being free. This new work challenges modern society’s addition to technology as connected to the violence of war and environmental trauma. He wants readers to understand that “healing is achieved through compassion, but compassion integrated with knowledge. And this knowledge cannot be merely technical; it must be human. Confronting a solving the world’s greatest problems is always a recovery of our own humanity.”

About Robert Kuhry

20134385_1525844604126171_599416967_nRobert Kuhry graduated magna cum laude from Creighton University with a major in philosophy and minors in history (equivalent to a second major) and English. He attended the University of California, Riverside, on a Regents’ Fellowship, graduating with an M.A. in philosophy. He subsequently did graduate work in mass communication at the University of Texas, Austin, and completed a certificate program in clinical philosophy at the Institute for Clinical Philosophy, San Jose, California.

Mr. Kuhry worked as a social worker for more than a decade at agencies in California and Iowa. He chaired the task force that established the first sexual abuse treatment program for Monterey County. For three years he served as a conservation representative for the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District. He has also been a college teacher, seminar leader, union organizer, and businessman.


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