Book Signing: Fantasy writer Jason P. Crawford

Tuesday 27 June 2017, 4pm: Salinas-based fantasy writer Jason P. Crawford will be at Old Capitol Books to discuss his work, particularly his new fantasy novel, Dragon Princess.

About the author

8d839308f4201489c78e324f77f74a6aA father of four and a full-time teacher at a high school, writing is his creative passion of choice. Since he first put words to paper in 2012, he’s been enthralled and enamored with the generative process.

He started his first novel, The Drifter​, in September of 2012. Since then, he’s published a total of six books and two short stories, trying his hand at Fantasy, Paranormal fiction, and Sci-Fi. He also reviews books on his blog Beyond the Curtain of Reality.

About his books

Crawford writes a wide variety of adventure, fantasy, and paranormal fiction. Come down to the bookstore to learn more about him, his books, and his writing.

Learn more about him by visiting his website here.

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