Theory & Philosophy Reading Group XX: Teresa Amott & Julie Matthaei

Friday 30 September 2016, 7pm: In September, the Direct Action Monterey Network is putting on the 20th theory and philosophy reading group, continuing their study of Marxist-Feminist thought through the exploration of a work by Teresa Amott and Julie Matthaei.

We will be reading and discussing their book Race, Gender and Work: A Multi-Cultural Economic History of Women in the United States  (1991).

0896085376-1-zoomRace, Gender, and Work traces women’s lives through the dynamic and complicated process which economists have called capitalist development. It uncovers the multiplicity and diversity of women’s work contributions, both paid and unpaid, to our economic history.

We will be reading the introduction, and the chapter “Race, Class, Gender, and Women’s Works: A Conceptual Framework”. They will be available to download here for free soon.

About the authors


Julie Anne Matthaei is a Marxist-feminist-anti-racist-ecological economist, specializing in women, gender, feminism, and work, and involved in research about and promotion of the emerging solidarity economy. She is Professor of Economics as Wellesley College.

Teresa L. Amott is the 19th president of Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. She is the first woman to lead the 175-year-old institution. Educated in economics, Amott holds a Ph.D. from Boston College and a B.A. from Smith College. Her research has focused on the labor market experiences of women and people of color.

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