Portland Slam Poet to Perform at Old Capitol Books

Sunday October 26th 2014, 4pm-6pm: Slam poet, university lecturer, and public speaker Turiya Autry will be visiting  Monterey in October and has agreed to read her poetry to the literature-lovin’ folks here on the peninsula.

For years, artist, author, educator and performer, Turiya Autry has been bringing a bold strong voice to encourage social change across the nation.  Whether directing youth programs, teaching, rocking the mic or working behind the scenes, Turiya is a positive motivational force. Through her work she encourages people to look more critically & lovingly upon the world around them.

Experience and Achievements:

For nearly two-decades Turiya has spent her time educating, motivating and inspiring audiences of all ages. Collaborating and opening for renowned leaders like Nikki Giovanni, Angela Davis and Hillary Clinton, Turiya delivers messages that resonate with wide audiences. Her work incorporates the arts, pop culture, and history, with personal, community and political struggles.

As a teaching artist Turiya’s provided assemblies, workshops & residencies to over 50 different schools K-12. Creating and delivering almost 20 unique university courses, across four departments, Turiya has built a veritable trunk show on culture and identity.

Author and performer, her recently released collection of poetry, Roots, Reality & Rhyme is a poetic journey that bridges the personal & political, the mythic & the real. She’s provided feature performances, workshops, panels and keynotes to over 20 universities throughout the country, as well as hundreds of community venues and dozens of conferences.

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