Book Signing: Bunny Stevens – “Unholy Union”

2089788829 June, 2014 – 3pm: Come by the bookshop at 3pm to meet Bunny Stevens and buy copies of her new book, Unholy Union, a memoir of clergy sexual abuse in the Salvation Army.

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“In Unholy Union, Bunny Stevens takes the reader on a harrowing journey through the darkest of betrayals—occasioned, ironically, in settings that should shelter and protect: home and church. Within these sacred spaces, a child is abused and a young woman is raped by her minister and told, “God wanted me to do it.” Ultimately, though, this is a story of victory over those who shamed her, renounced her, and commanded her to “go away and tell no one.” In Unholy Union, the author breaks her 50-year silence. With heartbreaking transparency, she tells us what no one wants to believe can actually happen. Then she tells us who ultimately wins.”

About the author:

IMG_0001c“Throughout her varied professional life, Bunny Stevens has been a legal secretary, an insurance department manager, owner and operator of a busy automotive repair shop, newspaper columnist, photographer, and director of Christian education and middle school ministries at a large Presbyterian Church. She has participated in life’s more poignant moments as a minister in the Universal Life Church. She’s found great joy in some of life’s lighter moments—especially as “Leafy” the mascot for the Salinas Packers semi-pro baseball team during the summer she was 64 years old! She looks upon her continuing participation in the lives of her two grown sons as the most precious thing of which she has ever been a part. Now living in a tiny cottage in an enchanted forest on the Oregon Coast, Bunny participates in the daily activities that make her new home special—giving back by volunteering as chef to the homeless outreach program, visiting (with her dog Buddy) at the assisted living facility in her area, and running half-marathons. She is happy.”

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