Event: The Coming Insurrection: anarchist readings from the Invisible Committee

Anarchy_Symbol_-_Circle_A7 June 2013, 6:30pm – Readings from The Coming Insurrection and Call by the Invisible Committee. An event at your local, friendly bookshop.

“The Coming Insurrection is a French political tract that hypothesizes the ‘imminent collapse of capitalist culture’. It was written by The Invisible Committee, an anonymous group of contributors whom French police identify with the Tarnac Nine.”

We will read together from this text, and from CALL – WE HAVE BEGUN.

If the weather’s nice we can read in the little garden behind the bookshop, if it’s cold we’ll huddle between the stacks of books. I might make cake.

A free event. Open to everyone.

Check out the facebook event page here.

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