Event: Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Some Cake

Shakespeares Sonnets14 March, 2013 – Love reading Shakespeare and are looking for an exciting evening with fellow sonnet lovers? Or do you wish that you could learn more about his work? Come to a fun and informal evening of reading around a table, eating cake, and talking about our favorite Shakespeare poems!Continue reading “Event: Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Some Cake”


Event: Thinking Critically about Society – Session One: What is Anarchism?

EmmaGoldman2 April, 2013 – What do people mean when they say “Anarchism”? Between the international Occupy movement, and questions surrounding capitalism, Anarchism has been a topic that has been much in the media of 2012. This seminar will introduce you to the philosophies of Anarchism through key readings, and then use these philosophies to discuss current events. Continue reading “Event: Thinking Critically about Society – Session One: What is Anarchism?”

New stock for the new year

Greetings. Old Capitol Books has about 8,000 books that have not been processed of which about 3,000 are cookbooks!  Our ecclectic books will be making their way to the shelves throughout 2013.  Please visit regularly for the best selection.  Also, we now have a new workbench for staff.  It is a very handsome piece of furniture that allows us to display our beautiful books and work behind the scenes at the same time.  We recently rewired and realigned our ceiling lights so they are now lower and aligned with the aisles.  Whodathunkit!?  We removed some of our book shelves too.  This reconfiguration will “lighten-up” the front of the store and allow Old Capitol Books to accomodate book readings.  We accommodate book signings and we have some pending in April. STAY TUNED!!

Event: Peter T. Hoss, author of “Born in Yosemite” – book signing

December 15, 2012 – Peter T. Hoss, the author of “Born in Yosemite,” will be in Old Capitol Books for a book signing and to talk about his experience living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Now a local of Monterey Bay, Hoss has collected stories, art, and history relating to Yosemite in his recent book. Starts at 12pm and will run until 3pm.Continue reading “Event: Peter T. Hoss, author of “Born in Yosemite” – book signing”

About us

Old Capitol Books of Monterey California, is Your Local Fine Used and Out Of Print Book Store.  We stock a wide selection of gently used books – 45,000+ titles. We have a special emphasis on California History & an extensive Military section, along with Children’s Illustrated Art Books, a plethora of Cook Books (4,000), and books on Religion, the Occult, Metaphysical and Philosophy.  We have many more categories.  We are a General Interest book store.