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Theory & Philosophy Reading Group: Kathryn Gines

After reading Sartre and Beauvoir, we became interested in black existentialism and phenomenology. We’ve been exploring Frantz Fanon and James Baldwin, and now we’re going to read an essay by Kathryn Gines that was published in Convergences: Black Feminism and Continental Philosophy: “Sartre, Beauvoir, and the Gender/Race Analogy: The Case for Black Feminist Philosophy”.

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Theory & Philosophy Reading Group: Frantz Fanon

healers1We’ve recently been reading Jean-Paul Sartre account of his phenomenology of the “look” and this got us thinking about Frantz Fanon’s work. After reading Sartre’s introduction to the Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth, we’ve decided to dive into another of Fanon’s important texts: Black Skin White Mask.

Reading available for free here (Read the chapter “The Fact of Blackness”)

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POSTPONED – Theory & Philosophy Reading Group: Sartre & Fanon

Did you know that Jean-Paul Sartre was interested in anti-colonial struggles and worked together with thinkers such as Frantz Fanon and Albert Memmi?


POSTPONED until Friday 25 January, 7pm

We’re going to spend the next few months exploring this engagement, reading the works of Sartre in relationship to some of his greatest contemporaries in anti-colonial thinking.

To start, we’ll be reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s introduction to Frantz Fanon’s important work of black liberation theory: Wretched of the Earth!

Full text available for free here.

Theory & Philosophy Reading Group: Jean-Paul Sartre

Reading Simone de Beauvoir last month got us a little curious about her other-half, Jean-Paul Sartre. Apart from being known has Simone de Beauvior’s partner, did you know that he was a philosopher in his own right? Come join us as we read selections from his work Being and Nothingness.

This is PART II of our Jean-Paul Sartre reading, and we’ll be exploring the second part of the reading below. Continue reading Theory & Philosophy Reading Group: Jean-Paul Sartre

Theory & Philosophy Reading Group 41: Simone de Beauvoir

The Theory and Philosophy Reading Group is back for our forty-first iteration with Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex! After reading Levinas, we decided to read criticisms of Levinas from Beauvoir, who challenges Levinas’s definition of woman against the backdrop of men in such a way that women seem secondary. Come read and study with us! Continue reading Theory & Philosophy Reading Group 41: Simone de Beauvoir