Book Signing: Nancy Swing & Russell Sunshine


Saturday 20 August 2016, 2-4pm: Old Capitol Books in welcoming local author’s Nancy Swing and Russell Sunshine to come read from their recent works.

Their books reflect their travels and adventures, though they are now both settled on the central coast. In early April 2016, the two promoted their books at the Central Coast Writer’s booth at Pacific Grove’s Good Old Days Festival. They were recently interviewed by The Cedar Street Times.

About Russell Sunshine

91fabedieml-_ux250_A California native, Russell Sunshine was the grandchild of immigrants on both sides of his family. From early childhood, he followed in those wandering footsteps. By adulthood, he was spending most years overseas, building a career as an independent policy advisor to international organizations and foreign governments. He worked in Tanzania on East African unity, in China on transfer of biomedical technology, in Laos on foreign-investment attraction, in the Central Asian Republics on democratic transition, and in Sri Lanka on peace-building.

Russell has published articles and books on professional topics, but FAR & AWAY is his initial venture in creative non-fiction. His memoir captures highlights of an engaging life journey in a candid collection of 50 true tales. The author’s first-person anecdotes span 40 years of travel, work and residence abroad. Readers can turn back the clock and return with Russell to still-independent Sikkim, listen to him helping Chinese teams prepare for negotiations with multinational corporations, witness his Dushanbe conversation with a gulag survivor, and cross a scorched no man’s land between civil war adversaries. These ground-level insights bring close and alive his exotic encounters in remote destinations.

Repatriated and retired on California’s Monterey peninsula, Russell shares a writing passion with his wife, mystery author Nancy Swing. The couple promoted their books in the Central Coast Writers booth at Pacific Grove’s Good Old Days festival. (From his website.)

About Nancy Swing

61m4bvjbril-_ux250_Nancy Swing’s fiction reflects the diversity of her life. Born in Alabama and raised in West Virginia, she spent her professional career in developing countries including Pakistan, Jamaica, the Philippines and Tanzania. Nancy worked as an independent consultant in adult training and educational media for clients like the United Nations Development Programme, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the World Bank.

Now retired and living on California’s Central Coast, she’s turning her myriad experiences into engaging mystery novels.

Swing will be reading from her first book : Malice on the Mekong, a mystery set in Vientiane, Laos, where she and Sunshine lived in the early 1990s.

You can find out more information about the authors by visiting their website here.

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