Architecture – Art – Cookbooks – Gardening – Landscaping – impressive selection – amazing sale!

Sale ran from June-October 2016

Did you know that Old Capitol Books has probably the largest selection of cookbooks this side of San Francisco? We have over 3,000 cookbooks! [1,500 on the shelf and remainder in boxes – from the massive collection of Artie Jane Early.  The re-known entertainer of the Monterey Peninsula]  Books range from sleek and modern to quirky and vintage.  We have an extensive collection of various international cooking, French and Italian cooking, local and California cuisine, glossy works by celebrity chefs, vintage recipe collections containing different immigrant food traditions, and much more!

NOW!  All USED architecture, art, cookbooks, gardening, landscaping, and flower books are 50% off!


Here is a very small selection of our extensive collection:

Vintage and antiquarian

Celebrity chefs

Local cuisine

Russian and European cooking

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