Book Signing: Tony Albano, author of Life is a Bumpy Road

51lx6mwouvl-_sx326_bo1204203200_Saturday 30th January 2016, 1pm: Come down to Old Capitol Books to hear fun stories from the life and imagination of Tony Albano, a storyteller and entertainer at il Fornaio restaurant in Carmel. He will be reading from his new book, Life is a Bumpy Road: …smoothed out by people and dogs you meet along the way (2015).

About Life is a Bumpy Road

“Has your life gone smoothly – or have you hit a bump (or ten) along the way? You need to hear about Tony AIbano’s life. In 28 short stories about his road, Tony will make you smile – even laugh – and certainly give you pause…to think about those bumps that make life interesting. Tony has been a New York hippie, a musician, a deli owner, a Mets lover, and a lover of women. He loves animals, too, especially dogs. Then he hit a real bump. He lost a leg, just like his grandfather had. And just like Brie, the lovable canine who is now one of his best California friends. In addition to being a good writer, Tony is a highly entertaining storyteller. People who hear his stories come away with a truly richer sense of their own lives.”

About the author

12514713-tony-albanoTONY ALBANO was born in Brooklyn – New York, if you didn’t know – and grew up in the Projects before his family moved to Long Island. From his earliest years, he’s known he has entertaining in his blood, though the bumpy road that has been his life has produced some diversions. He started writing songs as a teenager, but at age 23, he wound up owning a delicatessen. Few years later, he sold the deli, and with wife, Patricia, drove across country in their ‘64 Dodge, visiting friends and family along the way to their final destination…the Monterey Peninsula. Here they have lived for the past 30 years, and Tony’s meandering path has included hosting his own radio talk show and becoming a professional storyteller. A natural multi-tasker, he’s also been a visible and valued fixture in the Peninsula hospitality scene. He takes great pleasure in presenting his “true life stories” to the people he meets at the Il Fornaio restaurant in Carmel, and as the sparkling entertainer he has shown himself to be at private parties and other events. When he lacks a human audience, he revels in his many hours spent with his canine companion, Brie. You may see them together going hither and yon, and you’ll recognize them since they are both missing a leg.”

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