Book Signing: Sally-Christine Rodgers, author of Convergence: A Journey Through French Polynesia

Saturday, May 2, 3-4pm: Sally-Christine Rodgers, the author of Convergence: A Journey Through French Polynesia, will be in store signing copies of her travel book.

Sally-Christine Rodgers Writes Eloquently About Life, Sailing, Family and Protecting Our Oceans

All of us have dreams; places we’d like to go, adventures we’d like to take, plans we’d like to make reality. Sally-Christine Rodgers, whose childhood was filled with her father’s tales of South Sea islands, dreamed of sailing with her husband and son to the South Pacific. And she did. In her new book, Convergence: A Voyage through French Polynesia, Sally-Christine Rodgers tells an eloquent tale detailing her family’s adventurous journey from Santa Cruz, California across the Pacific Ocean and through French Polynesia. It is at times harrowing, often heart-warming, and in the end an engaging tale about a woman determined to follow her dream. […]

Finally, although Sally-Christine’s book is an ode to adventure and family, the narrative recognizes the critical issues facing the oceans. She writes passionately about preserving and protecting marine ecosystems, discussing her first-hand experience of the pollution and over fishing thousands of miles from shore and offers suggestions for what individuals can do to improve the situation. She founded the Grants and Sponsorship Department of West Marine forging partnerships with non-profits in recreational fishing and marine conservation projects. Putting her money where her mouth is, the proceeds from Convergence: A Voyage through French Polynesia go to benefit Marine Conservation.

Find out more at her website here.

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