What is Anarchism? (Thinking Critically about Society Spring 2014 Series)

EmmaGoldman Wednesday April 2th, 6:30-8pm: Old Capitol Books, together with the Direct Action Monterey Network & the Monterey Community Education Project are reviving the Thinking Critically About Society Seminar Series, with a revival of some popular seminars from the past and a few new ones.

What do people mean when they say “Anarchism”? Between the international Occupy movement, and questions surrounding capitalism, Anarchism has been a topic that has been much in the media of 2013. This seminar will introduce you to the philosophies of Anarchism through key readings, and then use these philosophies to discuss current events. The purpose of these seminars is not an attempt to “convert” anyone to a particular way of thinking, but to provide them with a wider range of experiences that may help them to see the world in a different way.

We suggest that you read a few of the articles below, which have been some of the most influential on the subject, but you can read as many or as few as you’d like. Copies of all the articles below can be found on our webpage, or by visiting Old Capitol Books, 559 Tyler Street, Monterey.

Suggested reading for the session:
1.) Howard Zinn – “Anarchism”. FULL TEXT
2.) Emma Goldman – “Anarchism: what it really stands for”. FULL TEXT
3.) Noam Chomsky – “On Anarchism”. FULL TEXT
4.) Encyclopedia Brtiannica, 1905 – “Anarchism”. FULL TEXT
5.) L. Susan Brown – “Does Work Really Work?”, Kick it Over, #35. FULL TEXT

After you get a chance to do some of the background reading listed above, we’d ask you to start reading your local papers, and thinking about how the ideas of anarchism might relate to current events. Some questions to think about might be: How are power and systems of oppression relevant in this story or article?; How are religious and ethnic minorities represented in this article? And how does this relate to power and government?; How does this article talk about the police or prisons?; How are prisons used to oppress one group more than another?; How does power and hierarchy operate in our local community?; or How can we thinking about the causes of homelessness? These are just suggestions, and we encourage you to bring your own questions and ideas to the seminars.

This series of seminar sessions has been put together to encourage the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge surrounding a particular topic or theme. We want to create a place where people can meet with other people from Monterey Bay communities to talk about current events and discuss new philosophies and ways of thinking critically about society. Though these seminars have been designed for non-students, and for those of us who have had little or no college experience, everyone is invited to participate. We believe that everyone can have something to offer to the seminars as we move through current debates in politics and different political and social theories.

Session 1: What is Anarchism? Wednesday April 2nd – 6:30-8pm  FACEBOOK
Session 2: Social Perceptions of Disability. Wednesday April 9th – 6:30-8pm FACEBOOK
Session 3: Radical Education. Wednesday April 16th – 6:30-8pm FACEBOOK
Session 4: The Psychedelic Consciousness Wednesday April 23rd – 6:30-8pm CANCELLED

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