Event: Peter T. Hoss, author of “Born in Yosemite” – book signing

December 15, 2012 – Peter T. Hoss, the author of “Born in Yosemite,” will be in Old Capitol Books for a book signing and to talk about his experience living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Now a local of Monterey Bay, Hoss has collected stories, art, and history relating to Yosemite in his recent book. Starts at 12pm and will run until 3pm.About the author:

“Peter Hoss relates his story from the perspective of someone whose parents, when he was born, were already intimately involved in the life of Yosemite National Park. Herman and Della Hoss were friends with my parents, Ansel and Virginia Adams, and we children became Peter’s best friends. Peter’s love of Yosemite, its lore, its beauty, its fascination, and his sense of fun and spirit of adventure were pre-destined. Personalities and individuals who have worked in Yosemite, in the High Country, or Yosemite Valley, seasonally, or for longer periods, are all influenced by their unique experiences – colorfully described by their friend, Peter Hoss.” – From the Introduction by Michael Adams, M.D.

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