Imaginary Animal: a night of poetry featuring Josiah Luis Alderete, Rachelle Escamilla, plus guests

We’re thrilled to announce a night of poetry to raise money for the production of Imaginary Animal – a play written by poet and scholar Rachelle Escamilla.

31 January 2020, 7:30pm, $10

Joining Escamilla is an exciting line-up of poets and performers, including:

Josiah Luis Alderete
Jeremy Michael Vasquez
and Antony Fangary

This book of poetry (and the play that emerges from it), tells a uniquely Californian story. Poet and critic Patrick Rosal says that “While we’re conditioned to distort or completely tune out the role of immigrant workers in the United States, the untitled lyrics of IMAGINARY ANIMAL are precisely calibrated to recognize and meditate upon a nations laborers. The poems are energized by voice, perspective and consciousness. which are constantly shifting and transforming.”

Rachelle Escamilla is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2014 Poetry Award for Willow Books Literature Awards. Her two books (both on Willow Press) are Imaginary Animal and Me Drawing Pictures of Me[n].




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