Book signing: CL Fors, author of The Primogenitor Series

Date: 10 Feburary 2018
Time: 4pm

CL Fors will be in-store to discuss the first two novels of The Primogenitor Series, Progeny and Adaptation.



81jetosenel-_sy200_An artist of multiple mediums with a myriad of interests, CL Fors is a multipotentialite, mother, author, and adventurer. Daughter of the Antelope Valley’s premier chemistry teacher, John Fors and student of genetic research and botany, CL is a science and science fiction enthusiast with a passion for research based sci-fi.

Refusing to take the conventional route after high school, CL moved down to Hollywood to act in films and later joined the army as a military intelligence linguist. She now spends her days raising and homeschooling three sons and an infant daughter while continuing her studies as a student midwife, fighting the good fight as an activist, and, writing and publishing books.

CL and her husband, Jason P. Crawford, founded the indie publishing house Epitome Press and together bring the work of talented authors out of the brambles and into the light of day. CL’s first debut novel, Progeny is the first installment of the Primogenitor series and will be followed by three more parts; Adaptation, Reunion, and Allegiance.


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