January 11 Book Signing with Frank Smart – Assignment in Samarra

January 11. Noon to 2PM. Frank Smart will be at Old Capitol Books to sign his new book about Iraq…undaunted courage and Pax Americana swagger.

“I will not die in this God-forsaken hell hole for some fanatics who hate what my country stands for,” Jack Spraggins spat out.
For Vietnam veteran Jack Spraggins, it was Deja Vu, Vietnam. He knew that he and his six team members were in a tight spot as soon as the ambush on his convoy in the ancient city of Samarra, Iraq, was over. It took only seconds for three security
vehicles and their occupants to be completely destroyed, but the two vehicles carrying his team were virtually untouched in the ambush. He rushed his people to the roof of an abandoned building in order to survey the scene and plan for the immediate future. Spraggins and his team’s salvation would come in what he found on that rooftop and in a providential sandstorm. And in the process he learns a lot about himself, his teammates, and his enemy.”

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