Old Capitol Books 2020 Featured Artists

Old Capitol Books is partnering with local artists to bring you beautiful, fun, and unique art during the shelter-in-place.

The Books and Art Care Package is specially curated to your individual tastes, and will include art from local artists! A great way to support our local art community and your local bookstore.

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Old Capitol Books 2020 Featured Artists

Meheen Ruby

Hi, my name is Meheen Ruby and I am a visual artist. I am a life long California resident and often take direct inspiration from the natural beauty but also the challenges of life here. For a long time I supported and labored under the nonprofit industrial complex, but now I realize my art can reach you better as an independent artist. To sit down and paint is a compulsion from birth that I have retained for reasons I do not always understand. No matter my career change, I always end up back at my easel or drawing table. Personal expression, connection to others, a deeper understanding of subject matter, or simply nothing swirls in my mind while I work.

To see more of their work, visit their website here

Valerie Guardiola

Valerie Guardiola is an artist and poet whose work absorbs the tradition of remembrance into daily practice. Her work has been published in Pif Magazine, Soul Anatomy, Red Cedar Review, and The Voices Project, among many others. She is a co-founder of the Emerging Artists Alliance of Monterey and sits on the Osio Theater Board of Directors.Valerie is a life-long daughter of the West Coast and lives in California where she enjoys drinking overly-priced coffee, traveling whenever she can, and creating…always creating.

Ari Murillo-Edwards

Ari Murillo-Edwards is a Salinas CA local, currently hunkered down in Monterey. They like to dip their toes into all of the creative pools – from writing songs, to years of being a theater mouse, making poetry & stories, and engaging in visual art as well (which is mostly doodles). For the time being, they are finding solace in the portals that art draws them into during this bizarre point in life. You can check out their music : Bedrooms – Transcend Me, Somebody! , on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Claire (Clairette) Durand-Gasselin

Claire (Clairette) Durand-Gasselinis a visual poet, artist and writer, a book designer, a French teacher and translator, and the Artistic Director of Mad Gleam Press.

Her practice initiates a creative wandering between visual and literary arts, to create hybrid bodies of work.


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